'What to Take to the Gym': Your Essential Checklist for an Easy Workout Prep

It's time to break a sweat, get the heart racing, and muscles flexing. But wait, what’s that noise? Ah, it's your gym bag - it seems pretty empty. Rather than packing your bag in a rush every time or worse, forgetting something, it's time to perfect your gym bag packing routine. Here's an essential checklist on what to take to the gym.

Essential Gym Bag Items

1. Workout Clothes
You wouldn't attend a gala in pajamas, right? Just like that, your workout needs its own attire. Hitting the gym without comfy and breathable workout clothes is like heading to a party without any pants. Let's avoid those scenarios, folks. Ladies bring your favorite pair of leggings or biker shorts, a cute and supportive sports bra, tennis shoes, and a dry wicking shirt. Men bring your athletic shorts, moisture wicking t-shirt, and favorite shoes.

2. Water Bottle
Drink up, buttercup! Hydration is key. A water bottle is your nectar of vitality amidst intensive workouts. Don't let your energy levels drop, keep sipping. An insulated water bottle can help keep your fluids nice and cold for longer periods of time. (Who likes lukewarm water?) The adequate H20 consumption is about 3.7 liters of fluids a day for men and 2.7 liters of fluids a day for women (Mayo Clinic, 2022). Drink water before, during, and after your workout.

3. Headphones for Motivation
Ain't nothing like some power-packed tunes to get your workout mojo rolling! From hip-hop to rock, pack those headphones and beat(iron) to the beat!

4. Post Workout Snacks
Pack something to nosh post-workout like a protein bar, yogurt, or a banana so you can recover and refuel. It's a tasty pat on the back from you, to you.

5. Hygiene Products
Freshen up post-sweat session. Basic hygiene products like a travel friendly body scrubber, deodorant, a towel, and even a portable shower gel can spell the difference between feeling fresh or feeling, well... balmy.

6. Extra Pair of Shoes
From cross-trainers to running shoes, every exercise may require a different sole-mate. An extra pair of those bad boys is always handy!

Additional Helpful Items to Pack in Your Gym Bag

1. Lock for Security
Small yet powerful, a lock keeps your belongings safe as you immerse yourself in your workout, and more importantly, gives you peace of mind.
2. Activity-Specific Items
Jump ropes, yoga mats, boxing gloves...whatever your workout specialty, make sure to pack equipment for it if your gym does not carry your needed equipment.
3. Change of Clothes
Your body cools down after a workout, and staying in your sweaty gear isn't just uncomfortable, but also unhygienic. Pack a change of clothes to keep yourself comfy, fresh, and ready for your next item on the list.

Tips and Tricks for Gym Bag Packing

1. Order of Packing
Pack wisely. Put in things you'll need last first, like a change of clothes. This way you avoid rummaging through your bag and save more time for that victorious post-workout selfie!

2. Keeping your Bag Fresh
A combination of sweat-soaked clothes and a closed bag isn’t the best for your olfactory nerves. Freshen your bag by popping in a mini air freshener or some lavender sachets. Natural, and oh so refreshing!

Post Workout Packing Must Haves

Keeping fresh and maintaining top-notch hygiene is just as important as the workout itself, if not more. Ideally, the change room of your gym should morph into your own mini pampering station. Whether you're a morning bird who likes to jump-start their day with a vigorous workout or a night owl who likes to burn off the day's steam late, here's what you need to bring a slice of home to the gym – minus the rubber ducky!

1. Travel-Size Shampoo and Conditioner
They say dynamite comes in small packages. Travel-size shampoo and conditioner bottles pack a hefty punch in a compact form. They keep the chaos at bay and ensure you don’t forget these essentials to wash away all that sweat. Plus, who can resist the charm of teeny-tiny toiletries?

2. Antimicrobial, Quick Drying Body Scrubber: Meet the scrub-dub
Now, this is for the folks who like their showers swift and their skin smooth. The scrub-dub 2-in-1 scalp and body scrubber has antimicrobial properties that protect the body scrubber against odor causing bacteria, mold, and fungi; giving you a scrub you can trust! It’s quick drying material will prevent your bag from soaking your bag and all its belongings. It is an essential companion for your gym kit. Get your hands on this travel friendly gem, and ensure no leftover gym grime can find its way back with you!

Post-Workout Shower Tips

A good, refreshing shower post-workout is a great way to lock in the good vibes of a successful session. Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Cool Down: Be sure to cool down adequately before you hit the showers. Hitting the shower too hot and sweaty can lead to a drastic temperature shift and possibly, dizziness.
  • Shower Routine: Start with your hair, then move on to the body, and opt for a gentle, circular scrubbing routine that invigorates without being too harsh on your skin.
  • Feel Fresh: Use your scrub-dub body scrubber for a one-stop, sweeping body cleaning solution that leaves you feeling fresh, and ready to tackle the rest of your day.
  • Drying Off: Post shower, gently pat-dry your skin with a clean towel. Avoid rubbing or harsh movements that can be abrasive to your just-scrubbed fresh skin.

Every workout begins much before you step into the gym – it starts from the moment you pack your bag. Remember, proper preparation prevents poor performance. And who knows, packing with this checklist might be the part of your workout routine you never knew you needed! Now, go ahead, champ, flex those muscles and strike off each item on this 'what to take to gym' checklist to give yourself a head start in the race.
Gear up, show up, and throw down a fantastic workout!



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