Shine Bright Like a Clean Shower: How to Break Up with Shower Scum

Yo, cleanliness crew! Ever looked at your shower and thought, "Hello darkness, my old friend?" Turn that shower funk into fresh and make that grime walk the line with your new soapy superpowers! So, how often to clean a shower? Is it on the days that end in 'y'? Let's find out and drop some shower cleaning knowledge bombs.

The Ick Factor: Why Your Shower Cleanliness Matters

First up, why's a clean shower the real MVP? Simple: you don't want to be sharing your shower moments with dirt, bacteria, and their uninvited mold-in-law. Gross, right? Like a good friend, a clean shower has your back (literally) - no slip 'n' slide accidents, no nasty skin irritations, and less auditioning for the "Crazy for Mildew" reality show.

How Often to Clean: Clocking in Your Tub Time

Calendar-check, people! General shower scrub down should be a weekly routine, just like our love-hate relationship with Mondays. Tiles, floor, and drain need some TLC every seven days. Showerhead? That's a monthly mission.

Don't worry, we're not promoting "Shower Servitude." Implement cleaner tools during your bathing experience. Pro tip: scrub-dub™ is the secret agent you need. More than a shampoo-mohawk maker, using it regularly helps to maintain shower cleanliness just by washing yourself. One tool, two problems solved – score!

Scrubbing 101: How to Clean Your Shower

Now, to the juicy part: how to clean your shower. Warm up the elbow grease, folks, it's go time:

  • The Walls and the Floor: A microfiber cloth or a sponge, warm water and liquid soap. That's all you need to start this party. Wipe away from top to bottom, counter-clockwise because why not?
  • Drain Drama: Remember, drain hair is nobody's friend. Weekly cleanups and regular catch checks can save you an awkward plumber call.
  • Glass Doors: Squeegee is the name, streak-free shine is the game. Wipe down after each shower, and for a deep cleaning, bring in vinegar – it's basically the Gandalf of tough stains, yelling "You shall not pass!"

Cleaning a Showerhead: Bringing Out the Big Guns

Here's the magic trick of how to clean a shower head with vinegar and baking soda, in two epic acts:

Act 1: The Vinegar Bath
Pop your shower head in a vinegar-filled plastic bag overnight. Make sure it's snug and secure like a baby kangaroo in a pouch. Rinse thoroughly the next day.

Act 2: The Baking Soda Scrub
Mixed with a little water, baking soda turns into a drama queen – it wants all the attention on those stubborn spots. Scrub, rinse, and expect applause from every corner of the bathroom.

The scrub-dub™ Way: A Cleaner, Happier Shower

Picture this: Your bathroom, a stage. The loofah and wet shower hand towel, the villains – plotting their next moldy, bacteria-laden performance. Enter the hero, cape billowing heroically (okay, it doesn't actually wear a cape, but let’s roll with it), scrub-dub™

Here's the lowdown, folks – while your loofah is basically throwing a rave for bacteria and your wet towel is auditioning for the next "Mold & Mildew: A Love Story," scrub-dub™ is the chill dude in the corner, keeping it clean without any drama. Why's that, you ask? Two words:  Antimicrobial. Properties. (Powers.)

Prevent Mold and Mildew with an Antimicrobial Body Scrub

In the simplest, most non-yawn-inducing way possible, antimicrobial properties means scrub-dub™ is protected against odor causing bacteria, mold, and fungi.  It's like having a superpower shield that prevents gross germs, mold, and bacteria from taking over the body scrub. So, instead of your shower tools turning into a science experiment, scrub-dub™ stays as fresh as your moves at a '90s dance party.

Properly Dries for a Cleaner Shower Environment

scrub-dub™ isn't just a pretty face with germ-fighting abilities; it's a lean, clean, shower-loving machine. Unlike its nemesis the loofah, or its archrival the wet towel (sorry, guys, truth hurts), scrub-dub™ doesn't sit in your shower sulking, collecting unseen guests. It's designed for the clean life – a mold-free, bacteria-dodging existence that keeps your shower experience feeling fresher than the prince from Bel-Air.

Turn Your Shower into a Day at the Spa

We get it, sometimes your shower feels more like a biohazard zone than a zen den. But it doesn't have to be that way. Using scrub-dub™ not only levels up your self-care game but also keeps your showering temple squeaky clean. It's like having your cake and eating it too, but replace the cake with a fabulous shower and the eating part with... well, not worrying about uninvited microbial guests.

So, next time you reach for that ancient loofah or that damp towel that's been hanging around longer than your last Netflix binge, remember: scrub-dub™ is here, brandishing its antimicrobial shield, ready to keep your shower cleaner, fresher, and decidedly less icky for longer.

In the epic battle of Clean vs. Unclean, who will you rally behind? Team scrub-dub™, baby – because we're all just trying to avoid looking like a "gator in the Sahara," and a clean shower is a dang good start.

The scrub-dub™ ain't your ordinary shower brush. It's the superhero sidekick you need to keep your shower experience bright, refreshing, and as free from unmentionables as a princess’s diary.

So now you're ready to tackle that shower – say goodbye to the grime and hello to shine. You can do this, shower warriors. 

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