The Essential Toiletries Guide for the Jet-setter - You'll Never Forget a Thing Again!

Travel can be a thrilling adventure. But let's be honest, packing? Not so much. Especially when you're preparing for a longer foray. Stressful, confusing, and somewhat challenging, right? As creatures of comfort, we're attached to our routines, notably our shower routine. It's the sucking charm of our cosy norms that makes packing a struggle, particularly when trying to squeeze everything into a carry-on. But lo and behold, we've compiled a list of essential toiletries and tips for both men and women that'll make your packing a breeze!

1. One Bag to Rule Them All

We adore our shower essentials, but my goodness, do they demand space! So, first things first, invest in a compact toiletry bag that can snugly fit your must-haves. Ideally, one that wipes clean quickly, just in case your rampant shampoo decides to go ka-boom!

2. TSA Approved, Travel-friendly Containers

Opt for spill-proof TSA approved containers that are easy to clean. Moving your favorite shampoo, conditioning, and body washes into these containers can be a real space (and face!) saver.

3. Bid Adieu to Your Loofah

As much as you love your loofah, it's a fertile breeding ground for bacteria, mold, and fungi, especially in a warm climate. Replace it with a travel-friendly, quick-drying, and reusable body scrubber, like scrub-dub’s 2-in-1 scalp and body scrubber. It not only makes for smoother travel, but also leaves your skin silky-soft!

4. Lotion Love

Exploring new places is thrilling, but it can also be drying for your skin. Pack a travel-sized version of your favorite lotion to keep your skin hydrated and happy.

5. Eye-Care Essentials

Glasses or contacts? Don't forget them unless you fancy a Velma from Scooby-Doo situation! Don't forget travel-sized contact solution, extra pairs of contacts (maybe two, because you never know), and eye drops. And hey, don’t leave your glasses and lens cleaner behind!

6. Wave Goodbye to Tangles

There's nothing more frustrating than a terrible hair day. Bring your favorite detangling hair tool to manage and style your hair on the go. But hey if you do forget and you have scrub dub's 2-in-1 scalp and body scrubber use the scalp side to get some of those tangles out in a pinch!

7. Skincare 101

Don’t disrupt your skin’s balance. Bring along your everyday essentials like cleanser, serums, moisturizers, and so on. However, leave your once-a-week skincare items at home to save space. And do remember, if your skincare favorites are not TSA-friendly, it's best to leave them behind!

8. Daily Dental Care

Last but not least, dental hygiene is crucial! Pack a mini toothpaste and toothbrush combo to keep your breath stay fresh and minty!

Handy Tip: After you're done using your daily or nightly essentials, toss them in your toiletry bag. It's a nifty trick to avoid missing out on your everyday necessities - from your travel-friendly body scrubber to toothbrush.

With this guide, packing will no longer be an overwhelming task. Navigate through your packing smoothly (get it, like how your scrub-dub body scrubber works?), and make your travel experiences more comfortable and hassle-free! Happy travels!

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